Rent Vs Buy Calculator

Monthly rent ($):
Monthly rental insurance ($):
Expected annual inflation rate (%):
Purchase price of home ($):
Down payment amount ($):
Length of mortgage term (# of years):
Mortgage’s interest rate (%):
Discount points on purchase of home (%):
Origination fees (%):
Other loan costs ($):
Mortgage Insurance (CMHC/GE %):
Homeowner’s insurance rate (%):
Misc. Monthly Expenses (if any) ($):
Average monthly maintenance ($):
Annual property tax ($):
Federal and Provincial income tax rate (%):
Interest rate you expect to earn on savings (%):
Expected percentage your home will appreciate by each year (%):
Number of years you will stay at this property:
Realtor commission rate (%):

Total estimated cost of renting:
Total estimated cost of buying:


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